hand crafted designs

Custom art made by the pros

designed for hardcore use

or display. Unique artwork by the pros!

unique and personalized

Unique one of a kind or very limited edition boards

DeadBoy Jeff Tatum. Custom Dirtboards
Cule Longboards USA, Jeff Tatum Deadboy Dirtboard!

We now have custom dirtboards! Please order yours thorough the contact page here.

Welcome to Radstix. One of a kind exclusive skateboard art pieces and very limited edition runs are our specialty, as well as personally owned, signed equipment. Come on in, check out some great hand-painted trucks, Limited edition and custom boards and great memorabilia by the best of the best, a lot of which are one of a kind or very limited. Once gone, they’re gone!

*Many thanks to Jeff Tatum for the photos used in this site. Copyright goes to Jeff Tatum and the perspective photographers.

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