GREEN RACE CHECKERS – Custom Jeff Tatum Signature Series, #161


CULE ! Jeff Tatum signature Deck, Limited Release

GREEN RACE CHECKERS, 73″ x 9 1/4″,Wheelbase> 19 3/4″, MaxKiller Gnarly Concave & Big built in wheel wells, 7ply- High Quality American Hardwood.

Designed By:: Jeff  (JT) Tatum.

  • White, Green & black hand painted INDIE 159’s, With Matching 1/4″ risers.
  • Green n Black- RACE CHECKERS!  Custom grip tape job By:: JT
  • RipTide – Truck Pivot Cup’s,  90a.
  • BLAC Jack, Skinny Belly bushings,  90a
  • 1/8″ Flat NoVibe rubber truck risers.
  • Deck: Hand Signed By: JT
  • Green ELEMENT- Large Hub, 62mm,82a Wheels.
  • Bearing Spacers.
  • F K D, abec7 Saw Blade Bearings.
  • CROOK’s , Custom 171/4″ Jeff Tatum,, Longboard Rails( High Profile ), Professionally installed.

SeT Up FoR – Urban Assault, Mild Transition, Parks, Urban Cruz, Flow Ride, Banks & Hill Flow… Riding.

Production Sk8Art By: Jeff Tatum, Limited Edition – #161.

Fully Custom, From the DEEP Dark San Diego UNDERGROUND

All Designs By: Jeff TATUM, in the USA

Signed Magazine, Signed photo & random stickers from JT’s collection Free with purchase of a complete custom deck –  Exclusive!

Add the Jeff Tatum Experience  during checkout and have your board delivered personally by Jeff. Includes 3 hours of one-on-one time with Jeff at a local skate park near Oceanside California for only $300.00 (plus cost of board)

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Weight 10 lbs

Crooks Rails, Cule Skateboards, Element Wheels, FKD Bearings, Independent Trucks, RipTide Pivot Cups