Really HIP PADS – Made of ISSO foam – Jeff Tatum


Really HIP PADS, Custom Hand made By:: Jeff tatum

Each one is Original safety art…..

Only 3 made right now, but can make them to order & the bend & shape to your hip


REALLY HIP PASD, Hand made & Designed By : Jeff Tatum

  • Made from ISSO foam, Dense, High impact & IT REALLY WORKS Well !!!!!..
  • Ties to your waist & Thigh
  • Over your underwear & under your pants. No one will even know it’s there. Very Comfterble & wiil shape to you hip with use.
  • One size fits ALL..
  • Go’s will ANY shorts, Pants or clothes.
  • It’s WATER PROOF, Dose not get wet or stinky at All..
  • Really HIP PADS !!!


Made of ISSO foam, invented by the military

** Can be worn on LEFT or RIGHT side ….

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Weight 2 lbs